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Eliminate White Grubs

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While the damage is done, actively feeding grubs can be treated. A curative treatment applied by a Corpus Christi, TX Weed Man licensed professional quickly controls actively feeding grubs that can appear in spring and/or fall. White Grub treatment must be watered in to be effective. Children and pets may play on your treated Corpus Christi, TX lawn after the product is watered in.

Please note that due to there being no seed for St. Augustine lawns, if serious devastation occurs, the affected yard will have to be resodded. Prevention using Weed Man Corpus Christi, TX services will yield best results, less stress and heartache.

The treatment will not revive the damaged grass nor will it prevent skunks from digging in your lawn for a grub snack. Overseeding is recommended in these areas.
Refer to the White Grub Fact sheet for more information.