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Fire Ant Management

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Fire Ants

Are You at Risk?

During the spring and summer months, your yard is meant to be a safe outdoor haven where you and your loved ones can enjoy cookouts, backyard ball games, and putting your feet up every once in a while. Occasionally, however, unwanted critters may try and take over your lawn and landscape. One such pesky pest is the fire ant. In addition to being a nuisance, this invasive species can be found everywhere in South Texas, in clay or sandy soil, and can be downright dangerous.
Red and black imported fire ants will happily infest your yard and begin building mounds everywhere – on the lawn, in sidewalk cracks, next to (or inside of) your home, and near trees and gardens. While fire ants do not cause direct damage to the turf, their abundant nests are an eyesore. It is important that homeowners remain aware that disturbing these mounds can encourage the ants to aggressively bite or sting the intruder – whether human or animal. Unlike other insects that sting only once, fire ants can sting multiple times.  Adults, children, and pets may be at risk. A fire ant bite will often lead to a white, painful pustule within 24 hours. Although a rarity, allergies to fire ant bites can lead to extreme injury or even death. No one is exempt from the possibility of their sting.
Life Cycle
In the spring and early summer, winged imported red fire ant males and females fly from existing colonies or nests to mate in flight. After mating, females can fly as far as 12 miles from the nest, but most land within a mile looking for suitable areas to nest while all the males die after mating. After landing and finding a suitable nesting area, the females will shed their wings and start to build their new colony, laying over 1,500 eggs per day.
These aggressive insects can take over your yard if not kept in check. Colonies will forage for food up to 100 feet from their nests during the day and night, recruiting additional worker ants in the process. It is essential that control measures are adopted to help manage fire ant populations on your property. Keep in mind that while fire ants cannot be completely or permanently eradicated, Weed Man can help homeowners greatly reduce their presence and the danger they cause.  We use the best product available, Topchoice® by Bayer, to control these pests. Topchoice® insecticide is a non-bait insecticide that provides single-application control of fire ants for up to a full year. It is formulated specifically for broadcast application with commercially available spreaders. Topchoice® provides control of existing colonies, as well as prevents new infestations.
Call your local Weed Man professional today to schedule your treatment program and improve the overall safety of your yard.