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Lawn Disease Control

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The hot, humid conditions of Corpus Christi are prime to the development of disease. The longer the soil remains moist, the more fungus are fed. This will result in the spreading of the disease and the loss of your lawn. During the summer when hot, dry conditions exist, disease can flourish as well. Proper watering habits have a dramatic impact on your turf. The best watering schedule is long, deep, infrequent soakings, in the early morning hours. The water needs to penetrate 8 inches to not only allow the roots to seek out water deep in the ground, but also allow the soil to dry out, decreasing the spread of fungus.

Corpus Christi, TX disease can range from brown patch and rust to snow mold and dollar spot. Because disease in turf can be difficult to detect and diagnose, rely on the knowledge and ability of your Corpus Christi, TX Weed Man to diagnose these lawn disease problems.

Once detected and corrected with professionally applied control products, your Weed Man Corpus Christi, TX professional can help you adapt your cultural lawn practices to curtail future disease problems.