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Weed Man Corpus Christi, TX Nutsedge Fact Sheet

Nutsedge is a common weed found in many home lawns and other turf grass areas in the United States. There are many different types of Nutsedges but Yellow and Purple Nutsedge are the most common turf pests. Nutsedges are easy to distinguish in your lawn due to their characteristics in growth habit, light green color and rapid growth rate resulting in a nonuniform turf.

Although nutsedges are often referred to as "nutgrass" and resemble grasses, they are not grasses but true sedges. Their leaves are thicker and stiffer than most grasses and are arranged in sets of three at the base. Yellow nutsedge has light brown flowers and seeds, and purple nutsedge flowers have a reddish tinge and the seeds are dark brown or black.

Corpus Christi, TX Nutsedge

Life Cycle

Yellow and Purple nutsedge are perennial plants. They usually die back in the fall as temperatures decrease and the tubers and rhizomes of the plant survive in the soil to sprout the next spring. Tubers are usually in the top 6 inches of the soil and can remain dormant for up to three years before germinating.


The key to managing Yellow and Purple nutsedge is limiting the amount of tubers and their production. Removal by hand of small plants before they have five to six leaves can have an affect if done every 2-3 weeks during the summer. This weakens the plant by eventually depleting its energy reserves in the tuber

Weed Man Corpus Christi, TX Can Help

Your Corpus Christi, TX Weed Man dealer is here to help. Weed Man's turf specialists can recognize Nutsedges and make recommendations to help your lawn. Weed Man's specially blended slow release fertilizer applied at the right time is the first step in preventing Nutsedge. Weed Man's fertilizer helps create healthy turf by slowly feeding the lawn as it needs it encouraging deep rooting systems that will prevent Nutsedges from growing. Your Corpus Christi, TX Weed Man dealer will also be able advise you on any other treatments that may be necessary to help your turf remain healthy and Nutsedge free.